___________everything i have left, one of a kind handmade book for Nina Wijnmaalen


__________1 hour with butoh, church bell drone and elastic harnesses in ancient sewer, 2016

____________All I've Ever Wanted is Sex Appeal, cast dyed latex

My Baby, PVC banner (vandalised during exhibition)


_______________________________________________________________________Enthralled to the Extent, 2014-2015

_____And Somehow the Face of an Imagined Lover is Looking at Me, video (21min), 2016

_________Photos for The Masseuse, 2015


____________________________________Ship, 2016


________Inverted Shell, 3 hours



____________Not Yet Here, digital prints on cotton satin

_______________________________________ ___________________________________________________with Karolina Szpyrko, 2015


___A Very Tight Corset


_____________________________________________self-made tally mark tattoo to be added to every time love is felt, 2015-death

__________ Dark Temptation, cast iron

_______Recurring, 2013

____Affair, 2014-2015
various drawings made in retail stores on receipt paper with ballpoint pen,
permanent marker, stamp, money checker pen, price stickers, highlighter pen,
chewing gum and blood

_________Preying and Praying__ 2014_______ performance with clippers, torches, audio, live video feed and reapplied body hair

_________________Says "Hi", Nothing More Than Hi, 2014, one-to-ones

You Don't Come Alone, live performance with vibration plate, acetate signs, electrical tape and audio

____________________________________________________________________________________In Here I Could Be Anywhere, 2014


__There is Always Absence
2014_________________________46 hours over 26 days with towels, own bedframe, stolen barrier and cardboard box emitting audio

____________________________________Parts I Perversely Lust for (My Body as a Diagram), 2013

_____To Be De-Stifled, 2013 ____________3 hours with voice recorder, amp, speakers and photographer using 36 exposure film

__________________________________________________________________________________________Conor Baird © 2017