Femme Disturbance, 2024

Femme Disturbance was a solo exhibition of film and drawings that investigated a closeted adolescence, its surrounding family dynamic and the empowering figure of the Action Heroine.

To tell these stories the Sisters are interviewed and the Adolescent speaks alongside the Critic. Home movie footage and action heroine performances across Hollywood film and video games are reembodied, cut and collaged.

Femme Disturbance, HD video projection, 25 mins, 2024

Milla J 2006 X 2024, HD video on CRT TV, 4 mins, 2024

Vicariously, newsprint laser prints, pen, tape, red wire, red ribbon, 2024

The Sisters: Stephanie Baird & Gemma Walker
The Critic: Ruby Lawrence
Director of 16mm Photography: Alexander Hetherington
Script Editor & 16mm Assistant: Gentian Rhosa Meikleham
Music: Matt J Robinson & Thomas Wall
Screen: Conor Cooke
Benches: Matt J Robinson
With thanks to; Tako Taal, Hailey Maxwell, Annie Hazlewood, Kenny Christie, Meredith MacLeod Davidson, micha cárdenas, the Action Heroines, Mum & Nigel.

Supported by Creative Scotland.