Stain, 2019-2020

Stain is a solo performance, staged for theatre, that explores an acutely personal relationship to various fluids and viscosities (biological and inanimate) by recalling time travelling fragmented memoirs that address the specific environments and experiences surrounding such fluids. These are collaged alongside bodily interactions with selected materials and technologies, textures, film and light projection - using the theatre as a second body, or skin, that slowly becomes contaminated. These confrontations of uneasiness, intimacies and violence hope to release and purify a new lived body from shame.

For more information read the performance programme note here.

Stain was performed throughout 2019, and in 2020 the work was reformed into a radio play of sorts, composed and performed by myself, making use of appropriate dramaturgies in theatrical radio, as well as, like the original work, evoking approaches to texture, through sound.

Excerpt of Stain [for radio]: 3 - Counsel (mucosa)